photo=The world-famous Jindo Dog Association
photo=The world-famous Jindo Dog Association

The Korea Jindo Dog Association, which started with 20 members in 1965, was officially launched in February 1970 under the name of Korea Jindo Dog Association.

The Korea Jindo Dog Association was established with the purpose of discovering, preserving, and nurturing the indigenous lineage of the Jindo Dog, the 53rd National Monument of Korea, so that it can be recognized as a world-class dog. In addition, the Korea Jindo Dog Association has its history and tradition as the only research organization specializing in Jindo dogs in Korea.

The Korean Jindo Dog Association considers the hybridization or degeneration of the Jindo dog, a cultural heritage of Korea, in a serious condition, and in order to regain its native lineage, we travel all over the country to discover excellent breeds. We bring the discovered excellent breeds to the research center directly managed by the headquarters and continue research to produce excellent dogs.

In addition, twice a year in April and October, the National Excellent Jindo Dog Selection Contest has been held steadily from 1980 to the present.

The contests held in Korea include ▲Korea’s best Jindo dog contest ▲Jindo dog personality contest ▲Excellent Jindo dog evaluation special exhibition ▲Jindo dog training contest ▲Excellent Jindo dog photo contest.

photo=The world-famous Jindo Dog Association
photo=The world-famous Jindo Dog Association


In particular, for the first time in history, this association held the American Jindo Dog Selection Contest 3 times from 1995 to 1997 at Admore Park in Los Angeles, USA. This event contributed to promoting the intelligence, loyalty, and superior qualities of the Korean Jindo dog to American dog lovers.

Cheol-yong Lee, president of the Korea Jindo Dog Association, said, "The Jindo dog, designated as Natural Monument No. 53 under the Korean law, has already proven its excellence in intelligence, loyalty, and bravery in Korea." Also, in 2005, it was recognized as the 197th recognized breed by the Kennel Club of UK, and was recognized as the 334th recognized breed at the FCI Congress held in Argentina in the same year." "We will continue to do our best to meet the expectations and needs of Jindo dog lovers and to be loved as a dog by overseas lovers," he said.

On the other hand, the Jindo dog is a dog breed native to Korea that has been bred by our ancestors since ancient times in Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do.

Jindo dogs have a bold personality and are very sensitive to smell and hearing, making them suitable for hunting. In addition, they are loyal and clever, and they are excellent dogs for protecting the house as they have an excellent temperament that they return to their place of residence even if they go to a different place from where they used to live.

The Korean Jindo Dog Association Chairman Lee Cheol-hong and InterBD Entertainment Chairman Shin Young-hak also signed an agreement with the WBA and WBC champions who conquered the world with their fists. In particular, they are actively working to promote Jindo dog worldwide by grafting K-pop, which is a worldwide trend these days.

The K-pop artists such as Intergirls, Loyalty, and former Momoland members Taeha and Allen, who will be the main characters of K-pop in the future, have been appointed as public relations ambassadors, Shin Young-hak said. And they will do their best to promote Jindo dog world widely.

In addition, former WBA world champion Hong Soo-hwan and former WBC world champion Jang Jung-gu also pledged to faithfully serve as public relations ambassadors.

photo=The world-famous Jindo Dog Association
photo=The world-famous Jindo Dog Association

<History of Chairman Lee Cheol-yong of Korea Jindo Dog Association>
-Publisher of Korean Literature Newspaper (former)
-(Former) Honorary Chairman of Vietnam Veterans Association
- 15th Presidential Election Grand National Party Election Headquarters (Former)
- 18th Presidential Election Saenuri Party Literary Special Advisor (former)
-Senior Vice President, International Asia Headquarters, UN.DPI.NGO
- Senior Vice President of Korea Marine Corps Bypass Federation
-SisaToday, Chairman of the Entertainment Information Newspaper Advisory Group
-Standing Advisor, Dawon Environment Construction Co., Ltd.
-Standing advisor of the Vietnam War Veterans Association
- Honorary President of Seoul Special Darts Federation for the Disabled
- 20th Presidential Election People's Power Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon, Standing Advisor of the Central Election Countermeasures Committee
-Current President, Korea Jindo Dog Association


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